PT.HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK is an international freight forwarding Company , that provided , both air and sea freight services As its strategic priority, HT Logistics , has focused on providing complete transportation option for each and every client starting from port to port producing a tailor made made solution VISION,
“To be the preferred integrated regional transportation solution in Asia” The Establishment Of Pt. Hakita Trans Logistik
  • Hight quality
  • Complete regional access
  • Enhancement of transport solutions


PT. HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK also extends a helping hard fowards Increasing the development and implementtation of logistic plans that are in line with the client’s marketing strategies goods position and pricing policies HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK makes it easy for the client to see what type of transport options will be best for their long term strategy.


To ensure full and smooth support to its clients, HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK operates more than 15.000 container units, this close And rigarous support given by HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK is constanly improved in order to maintain a hight service quality in the logistics field Innoovation and business process adaptability is becoming the new standard in the transportation and logistics industry and HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK will always be a part of it With complete coverage in all regions in Asia and with strong and knowledge team members, HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK is the right partner to fulfill your logistics needs


Currently HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK is operating to more than 25 key location in asia The Company is steadly expanding to met new requirements and new standards in the transportation industry. TYPE OF CARGO WE CARRY ON OUR VESSELS HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK carries all type of cargo containers; 20 foot, 40 foot , 45 feet, open top, reefer and flat rack containers HAKITA TRANS LOGISTIK cargo service Solution